Merger – Distribution Companies
The various owners of a group of distribution companies wanted to merge their operations throughout Atlantic Canada. The assignment meant determining the means of the combination, the respective values of the components, and quarterbacking the entire transaction. While everyone was committed to the end result, the transaction meant a combination of staff at all levels as well as an integration of systems and resources. As project leader on the deal, we were the driving force that kept all the parties moving towards the finish line.

Industrial Sales and Service
Our client wanted the business to continue its above average growth trend, but needed expertise and resources that were not available internally. Stability and continuity were key issues for our client. Despite several offers from individual buyers, we focused our efforts on buyers from within the industry. We were able to structure a transaction that gave our client the security he wanted and provided the business with the opportunity to grow at rates the founder never envisioned. Our client continues to work for the company and is active in managing this growth. Knowing the true goals and objectives of our client helped immensely.

Marketing Company
Our client was not managing the business and had let it become effectively inactive. In order to find the right buyer, we found a company that had a synergistic reason to do a deal. Through a creative payment structure, we were able to obtain for our client a price that could not have been supported with a conventional structure. The key here was in finding a buyer who had non-financial reasons to acquire this business. If ever there was a case of selling opportunity, this was it!

Family Restaurant and Lounge
Through hard negotiations, we were able to close a transaction that was stressful for everyone. In 10 years in the business brokerage profession, this deal was one of the most complicated in that there were many players involved and most seemed to have their own agenda. At the end of the day, our client was successful and the buyer was able to achieve their goals. Our role was to keep people focused and moving forward. In hindsight, it sounds simple.

Multi-Unit Franchise Business
This was a case where our experience in dealing with people became important. Our client took a more active role than normal in the transaction. By understanding the nature of both the buyer and seller, we were able to move the process forward by having our client provide the direct contact with the franchisor. Our client has moved onto a different business, and the buyer is successfully operating this quality business.

Industrial Supply
Working for the estate of the late owner, the business was placed on the market. An extensive marketing plan was put in place, and a very capable individual buyer was located. Despite offers from corporate acquirers, his was accepted. The deal structure was a critical component of this transaction. This transaction was awkward in that we were not dealing with the person who built and ran the business. We were often working between hired management, the buyer, and the estate. Despite many distractions, we kept focused on our assignment.

Industrial Business Service
The owner of this unique business wished to start working toward retirement. We believed the process would take about a year, but to everyone’s surprise – a deal closed within four months. Through managing our database of qualified buyers, we identified an individual looking for a small business he could acquire and grow. Our client was a true gentleman and worked to ensure that the buyer got what he thought he was buying – plus some. The former and new owner have developed a very solid relationship built on mutual respect. The business is expanding even faster than the buyer had envisioned.

Home for Special Care
The owner of this Level I facility was experiencing personal problems. At her request, the business was put on the market, a suitable buyer identified, and a deal was concluded. This was another case where we had to stay focused on the needs of our client. This transaction enabled the seller to “get on” with her life, and gave the business the “new energy” that it needed.

Light Manufacturer
The owners of this well known local company wanted to “move up” to a larger business. They were interested in a business that enabled the husband and wife to bring their daughters into the business. A confidential search was undertaken, a highly motivated buyer identified, and the deal closed on schedule. This is an example where a business does not have to be big, to be successful. The buyers are building equity in their new occupations.

Machine Shop
The owners of this business had tried for years to sell the business themselves. It never happened. With the assistance of professional brokers, a deal was structured that worked to the advantage of all parties. While it still took 6 months to close, it finally was completed. This is a situation where the owners were “too close” to objectively look at their situation. Our objective analysis and hand holding, enabled them to move from wanting to do a deal, to getting the deal done.