M&A Canada

Mergers & Acquisitions Canada Inc. operates on the fundamental premise that there can be no losers in the successful sale of a privately held company. Both the seller and buyer must be satisfied after the transaction is complete. To achieve this goal, M&A Canada takes extraordinary precautions to ensure that every business is properly priced and has a sound financial structure. M&A Canada works hard to ensure that they understand, as precisely as possible, every business they represent. M&A Canada will not knowingly misrepresent a business nor will they ever encourage a buyer to underbid the client's price. The success of this approach is apparent from the post sale success of the businesses sold. The failure rate of business sales managed by M&A Canada is less than 2% within three years of the sale. No Business Broker in the market are can match that record. In fact, A M&A Canada managed acquisition is the safest vehicle for an individual to become a successful independent entrepreneur.